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Practical Ideas for the Islamic Holy Month of Fasting

In the United Kingdom, Online Quran Live is the most prominent and unique online Quran teaching Academy. When it comes to observing Islam’s holy month, Ramadan, Muslims all around world go all-out. The Islamic calendar’s ninth month has arrived. Since the lunar calendar is used, it advances by around eleven days every twelve months.

If you observe Ramadan every year, you will be able to enjoy it throughout the year. Try to fast all throughout Ramadan, and then break your fast at night to commemorate the holiday. Take advantage of this time to work on your own development. In the end, take pleasure in Eid al Fitr, a holiday spent with loved ones.

When the holy month of Ramadan approaches, you would like to make the most of it. This is an excellent time to nurture your body, soul, and mission. As with everything else in life, you’ll need to practice self-control. Prepare yourself mentally and physically for the holy month of Ramadan. Set a personal improvement objective for yourself.

The advantages of Fasting for your health

The month of Ramadan is a time for Muslims to practice self-control and discipline. It’s also got a tone of health advantages. Fasting has been increasingly popular among patients as a way to lose weight, decrease cholesterol, and give their digestive system a break. There are times when fasting and crash foods that are not closely controlled can be harmful to the human body.

The timing of food is different during Ramadan than it is during a total fast. Before sunrise, they have breakfast, and then they fast till dark until the end of the month of Ramadan. Eight to ten-hour water fasts aren’t always harmful to your health. It actually causes the body’s fluids to concentrate, resulting in a mild dehydration.

It’s been shown in recent research to be able to rejuvenate one’s immune system. Patients undergoing treatment for cancer may potentially benefit from this method’s ability to speed up the healing process.

1- A chance to kick unhealthy behaviours

The holy month of Ramadan is an excellent opportunity to kick harmful habits to the curb. During Ramadan, refrain from smoking or eating anything sweet. Your system will gradually get used to not having them until you’re free of addiction forever. A social environment makes it much simpler to break bad behaviors, which should be easy to detect during the holy month of Ramadan.

2- How It Affects Your Mental Health

Ramadan is not merely physical. You can think of it as an act of spiritual self-purification in which you give up food for a period of time. The goal of fasting is to cleanse the soul of impurities while also focused on one’s actions of prayer.

During Ramadan, the goal is to develop and maintain excellent personal integrity and behaviors for the rest of the month. Additionally, they abstain from engaging in any form of sensual pleasure during the holy month of Ramadan. Non-Muslims, on the other hand, tend to neglect the importance of abstaining from vices and bad habits like:

  • Arguing
  • Fighting
  • Lustful thoughts

Even more difficult is to refrain from using your mouth, ears, or eyes. Self-control and starting to learn positive life-changing habits are popular topics during this time. Patients, willpower, and discipline are developed over time by people for themselves. Seeking after Ihsaan, or purity and honesty, is what we are after here.

Fasting’s Positive Effects on Physical Health

  1. It’s possible that fasting increases insulin sensitivity. It promotes healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, and cardiac functioning, as well as lowering the chance of developing diabetes in general.
  2. Fasting may help maintain a healthy gut, which benefits the immune system as well as digestion.
  3. An increase in the strength of one’s convictions. The more you exercise your willpower muscle, the more robust and stronger it will become. It is possible to learn to curb bad habits by exercising self-control. Refocusing on psychological welfare and personal values, such as those practiced during Ramadan, helps people regain control of their impulses.